Growanizer is the new generation of smart sales for WooCommerce

It is created to help you drive your online sales in an easy way.

What’s the Benefit?

  • Create your own rules for related products

  • Replace default and usually non-relevant related products

  • Avoid manual type-in of the up-sell and cross-sell products

  • Utilize dynamic rules to display relevant products to your customers easily

Start selling more in a few clicks. No coding required.

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Main Features

  • 1

    Create your own related products dynamic rules for WooCommerce products.

  • 2

    Use related product blocks on the cart or a product page.

  • 3

    Create your own product finder, questionnaire based on products attributes.

  • 4

    Easily add Product Finder and Attributes Slider via Shortcode on any page.

  • 5

    Create your own design for displaying Related product, Product Finder, Attribute slider blocks.

  • 6

    Slider or Grid view.

  • 7

    Customizable multiple blocks layout, position, and sorting on one page.

  • 8

    Customizable block title, product count, block position and priority.

  • 9

    Ease browsing through your product lists by adding attribute sliders wherever needed.

Great support to implement Growanizer marketing features.

Our support team is the core of Growanizer. They will help you fix any WordPress and WooCommerce issues that decreasing your sales.

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